Your dental services as a subscription.

PPO reimbursement hurting collections? Retired patients losing benefits? Empower your practice and your patients with a monthly membership.

Your dental services as a subscription.

Why a dental membership?

A benefit to both patients and practices
Dental memberships are a great way to help secure preventative care for those without dental insurance. With Empower DDS, dentists can offer the services their patients need on a monthly or annual basis. Patients get access to a preventative plan that allows them to secure their healthcare needs for a predictable monthly or yearly amount. Everyone wins!

What do you offer your retiring patients?

Would you rather suggest a Medicare add-on plan to your patient or a membership filled with services you have selected as essential?

Retirees frequently select membership plans over Medicare plans because of the services included and the affordable price point.

Are you asking yourself why you would offer a membership to a patient? Our question to you is, why not? Let’s take a walk through history to see why memberships would be beneficial to your practice.

The History of Private Practice

Ready to offer memberships?

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