Why Memberships?

The question is, why not memberships?

Now that we have identified the issues, it is time we take a look at the solution. Dental memberships give you the ability to migrate patients off of under reimbursing PPOs and secure cash patients into predictable treatment.

Dental memberships are:

  • A great insurance alternative for retirees
  • A tool to remove all the hassle of pre-auths and claim denials
  • A great way to place yourself out-of-network with selected providers

Dental memberships are not:

  • An increase in work for the front desk
  • A savings plan that requires you to cut your existing fees
  • A different form of patient financing that charges the patient high fees

Dental memberships give control back to the practices, allowing them to determine what services their patient needs and what they should charge for those services. Make the membership implementation process effortless with Empower DDS.

Why Empower DDS?