Why Empower DDS?

With Empower DDS, you will have a fully customizable platform and a partner that puts you on the best path to success.

Fully Customizable Plan Options

Some membership plans force you into offering preset packages to your patients. Weren’t you trying to get away from companies that were telling you how to do dentistry? It is not our job to tell you what your patients need.

With Empower DDS, we help you design a plan to include whatever services, products or benefits you feel your patients need for their best oral health!

The only platform that allows you to offer your patients a loyalty program

Our restorative cash feature lets you reward your patients for staying on plan. Restorative cash can best be thought of as a dental HSA. With the Empower platform, the office determines what percentage back the patient receives in restorative cash. The balance rolls over each month as long as the patient stays current in their payments and enrolled in the membership plan. The restorative cash can only be used at your practice. The patient ends up feeling rewarded and you enjoy patient retention!

Live In-Office Training

Other membership companies will train your office with a one-hour virtual training. The virtual trainings consists of showing the staff how to use the platform and then leaving it up to them to figure out how to present memberships. Your team will become membership experts after we come in for a full day of training. Our training covers our platform, but more importantly, how to approach the patient and explain your membership program. Our live training leads to a faster growth rate for your membership plan.

There is so much more that we would love to discuss.

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