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You are ready to get rid of insurance and we are ready to help!

Moving out-of-network with an insurance plan can be a scary time. What happens to your patients? Will your revenue drop? Would it be easier if those patients just jumped on your membership plan? We help ease the anxiety around all of these questions with Employer DDS!

With Employer DDS, we reach out to businesses and offer a free platform that helps the business subsidize their employee’s membership plan with your practice. Our platform removes all of the stipulations and requirements that insurance companies enforce on businesses seeking insurance. Most plans require the employer to offer a minimum subsidy level or have at least 50% of their employees on plan. Employer DDS allows employers to offer subsidies as low as $3 per month without any participation requirement by the employee. Simply put, we provide ways for employers to help pay part of a patient’s membership!

We are looking for businesses with 100 employees or less as we scale this product. You are welcome to submit any business you would like us to contact, but please remember that large businesses take time to approach, engage, and set up. So what businesses have been onboarding with Employer DDS? Financial planning firms, restaurants, landscapers, and salons have all said that Employer DDS is the right choice for their benefits.

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